Tribe Gets You More - $ave & Earn

Give your friends 10% off their first purchase at Siesta G. When you share Siesta G's "Reffer A Friend" program. When your referrals make a purchase, you'll get 10% of their *first purchase total back in Store Credit Reward.

Get High! The sky is the limit with referral rewards.

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  • Earn Reward$

    Earn a 10% store credit reward for every order referred with your coupon code and receive store credit rewards to your account directly.

    Your Store credit Rewards are reconciled every 30 days in your account with Siesta G.

  • Earn More With Tribe

    1. If the monthly sales are >= $1,000.00, we give you an extra $30.00 bonus store credit reward.

    2. If the Quarterly total sales are >= $5,000.00 in sales, you will earn an additional $100.00 bonus store credit reward.

  • Keep track On Your Dashboard

    Keep track of all referrals in your own personal dashboard. We want you to be just as much a part of this collaboration.

  • Post With Us

    Get access to all provided marketing assets that help promote Siesta G online. Post away!

Tribe Store Credit Reward Rules

Tracking by Coupon Code:

1. Do not send referrals to underage users; this may be against the law in your state.

2. You will get a 10% in-store credit reward for each referral that becomes a G.

3. You can refer to as many people as you would like.

4. Store Credit Rewards are sent out every 30 days.

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