Siesta Key: Miami Moves who's coming?

Get ready for an exciting new season of MTV’s hit reality series, Siesta Key! The show is packing up and moving from the beautiful beaches of Siesta Key, Florida to the bustling city of Miami. In the upcoming season, viewers will get to see the cast members grow up and face new challenges as they adapt to their new surroundings.

According to the official press release, the MTV reality tv stars have a lot on their plate this season, with new challenges. After losing some cast members like Garrett Miller and Kelsey Owens, the show will focus on Juliette, Sam, Jordana, Cara Geswelli, Chloe Trautman, Madisson Hausberg, Amanda Miller, and Brandon Gomes.

Juliette hopes her move to Miami will expand her swimwear company JMP The Label. While her business has been an enormous success, this, unfortunately, puts a strain on her relationship with Clark Drum.

Meanwhile, Brandon Gomes is also building a hemp company, Siesta G, his music career and keeping up with Dad life. Siesta G, Brandon's Hemp brand, features products like infused edibles, boba, tinctures, pre-rolls, tobacco-free shisha, and much more.

His products define a generational shift in one's capacity to access something that can be so potentially life-changing and helpful. While at the same time smashing through years of systemic inequality. According to MJBizDaily, diversity is a massive problem in the cannabis/hemp industry.

MTV ‘Siesta Key’ a New Name and New City: Meet the ‘Miami Moves’ Cast

  • Juliette Porter

    Juliette has outgrown Siesta Key as she plans to expand her swimwear line JMP in Miami.

    Guy Aroch courtesy of MTV
  • Brandon Gomes Siesta Key

    Brandon Gomes

    The “Live Free, Die Young” crooner hopes to take his musical career to the next level in Miami while founding a new Cannabis company Siesta G.

    Guy Aroch courtesy of MTV
  • Chloe Long

    The Emerald Ray Botanicals founder and her husband, Chris Long, are ready to start married life in a new city.

    Guy Aroch courtesy of MTV
  • Amanda Miller

    As season 5 kicks off, Amanda is celebrating her final summer before “real adulthood” begins after graduating from college.

    Guy Aroch courtesy of MTV
  • Sam Logan

    Sam invites Jordana to move with him to a luxe Miami mansion while working on a new luxury line of foe fur.

    Guy Aroch courtesy of MTV
  • Jordana Barnes

    Jordana embraces a new lifestyle and business art expansion after moving to the south Florida town.

    Guy Aroch courtesy of MTV
  • Cara

    Cara gets a glimpse into pal Jordana’s new life when she comes to spend the summer in Miami.

    Guy Aroch courtesy of MTV
  • Madisson

    The Florida native proclaimed in the trailer that a publisher had shown interest in a prospective children’s book, which she would dedicate to her stillborn son Elliot. (Madisson and her husband Ish Soto previously announced in December 2021 that they suffered a pregnancy loss.)

    Guy Aroch courtesy of MTV

If you're a fan of Siesta Key, then you can expect more of what you love in the new season – beautiful people, fabulous houses, luxury cars, triangle relationships and plenty of drama.

But with a new city comes new adventures, and the cast will be taking full advantage of everything Miami has to offer. From hitting the beach to hitting the clubs, they'll be living it up and letting loose like never before.

After four seasons in their hometown of Siesta Key, Juliette Porter, Brandon Gomes, and her friends move to Miami. Unfortunately, the trailer reveals they couldn't leave their drama behind, and it's followed them to the Florida party city.

From fights between friends and Sam Logan balancing a relationship with Meghan Bischoff and his friendship with Jordana Barnes, the new season is bound to be exciting. Along with the drama, many of the cast have started new business ventures, and fans will get to follow them on their journey.

Tune in on October 27th, 2022 8PM

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