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Get high on Sales! The sky is the limit.

Become A Siesta G as Cannabis Sale Executive and join the top premium cannabis brand in the world.

Immerse yourself in an inspiring community of entrepreneurs on your journey to success & global business domination - all while making life-changing impacts for you and others worldwide in Cannabis!

Join Siesta G's revolutionary executive team and discover easy income potentials where the sky is the limit! Unlock a fantastic new way to boost earnings with a simple click—no MLM or crappy commission scams here.


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These Sales executives are responsible for mining sales opportunities and building and setting up new account relationships with dispensaries, retailers, distributors, and wholesale clients. While promoting our products to ultimately generate sales and increase Siesta G's market share in that state.

It takes only one minute to complete the Cannabis Sales Executive Application form. We review most applications within the next working day.

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Siesta G Sales Commission Rules

1. Selling to businesses only.

2. 10% sliding scale commission on sales.

3. *Residual commissions on the account should you meet monthly sales goals.

4. Monthly Sales Meetings - Slack team channel for questions and contact Siesta G, team leaders.

5. Room for Executive Growth.

7. Special bonuses, extra profit, residual income on sales teams, and more are available as you grow.

8. Remote and Hybrid on Site

  • Get paid Monthly

    Get commissions on every successful referral. Get paid on everything you sell; we reconcile commissions every 30 days in your account with Siesta G.

  • Keep track On Your Dashboard

    Keep track of all your sales in your own personal dashboard. Never miss a sale!

  • Post With Us

    As a Sales Executive, you also get a coupon code for selling on your social media. Get access to all provided marketing assets that help promote Siesta G online.


Sell Cannabis Nationwide

Let us show you the way to success!

We have monthly meetings and a private Slack channel for all CannAffiliates. Our engaging online seminars and personal coaching will help you achieve your 'why.' Plus, there are great incentives for getting involved, bonuses too - it's a win-win situation!

Take control of your future today - try something different with us at Siesta G.

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Cannabis Sales Executives FAQ

How long does the approval process take until I become a Cannabis Sale Executive?

Fill out the Siesta G Cannabis Sale Executive Application sign-up form it only takes a few minutes, and we will review your application within our next working days.

How will I know if my application for a Cannabis Sales Executive is approved by Siesta G?

Our Cannabis Sales team leads for your area will carefully review your application. If yours is approved, you'll receive an email confirming your acceptance and some promotional assets to help you get started.

For denials, we will also email you that your request has been rejected.

How are your Cannabis Sales Executives' sales tracked?

Upon acceptance into the Cannabis Sales Executive position with Siesta G, you will receive access to your sales dashboard to manage your sales links and/or coupons.

When customers purchase, the sales will be credited to you, earning you commissions.

How do I get paid as a Siesta G Cannabis Sales Executive?

Our Siesta G Cannabis Sale Wholese Representatives get paid directly to the payment account setup upon approval.

When do I get paid as the Siesta G Cannabis Sales Executive?

Upon successfully generating orders, Siesta G will review and pay your Cannabis Sales Executive commissions monthly, ensuring timely compensation for your efforts. 30 days out from the original purchase.

Who is best qualified to be a Cannabis Sales Executive?

This opportunity is open to anyone with an interest in Siesta G products who want to make a great income in the cannabis space.