Siesta G FAQs

how is this legal?

In 2018, updates to the U.S. Farm Bill legalized the commercial cultivation of hemp under certain regulations. All our products meet the U.S. Farm bill standards and follow less than the 0.3% THC.

Will it get me high?

Absolutely! Take your time and discover your ideal dosage gradually. Remember, you can always increase it if the desired effects aren't quite up to par. So, tread cautiously and find your sweet spot.

Can you buy weed online?

You can buy weed online at And we allow you to order weed 24/7, with different options on how we fulfill orders based on your State. Depending on where you live, you'll find a delivery service or dispensaries near you.

If there are no legal weed shops in your area or you are not in need of same-day access to cannabis, we offer a great option to order weed online and receive it by mail. Siesta G provide legal weed you can order with a credit card for delivery by the USPS. Everything from cannabis delta-9 THC to Delta-8, Delta-10, HHC and other psychoactive cannabinoids that will get you feel good. Siesta G also offers a wide array of CBD and other functional wellness products. Not all products are available in every state - not yet due to the lack of Federal cannabis regulation.

Will this show up on a drug test?

Our products will cause you to test positive for THC. We recommend not using them if you are required to pass a drug test for marijuana.

Why id verification?

For compliance, we require an ID verification to be able to purchase certain products intended for use by persons 21 years of age and older. and our partner cannabis stores accept the following forms of IDs:

  • State-issued driver's license
  • State-issued ID card
  • Passport or Foreign Government Issued ID (must be in English or translated)

All new customers must be at least 21 years old to place an order. Expired IDs will not be accepted. In the event that your ID expires while with bud, we will need you to verify your new ID, as local cannabis delivery drivers cannot accept an expired ID.

Do you third-party test your products?

Our products pass rigorous 3rd party lab testing, ensuring premium quality.

Can I buy cannabis online with a credit card?

Certainly! Online check-out is conveniently facilitated by using a Credit Card as one of the several methods employed to verify your age.


Delta 8 is equally euphoric, alternative to its renowned counterpart, delta-9-THC. Slightly milder in its psychoactive properties, this fascinating compound is an isomer of delta-9-THC. The key distinction between the two lies solely in the placement of a double bond between two carbons.


With striking resemblances to Delta-9 THC in its chemical structure and therapeutic properties, HHC has garnered attention. Users have reported experiencing pain relief, anxiety relief, a sense of cerebral and bodily relaxation, and even an uplift in happiness. Discover the potential benefits of HHC for yourself.

wHAT IS thcp?

Discover the wonders of THCP, a remarkable natural cannabinoid found in various cannabis strains.Studies show that THCP boasts a staggering 33 times greater activity at cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptors compared to THC. This heightened potency delivers a profoundly intoxicating and euphoric high, unlike any other.


While CBD and THC may be the talk of the industry, CBN is making its mark as a noteworthy minor cannabinoid. Studies have unveiled the impressive abilities of CBN, showcasing its potency as a potent anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective agent. But that's not all – CBN also offers support for enhancing sleep, potentially transforming the lives of countless individuals struggling with sleep-related disorders.

Where can I learn about cannabis?

We recommend Buzzed Blog for you to continue learning about weed news and culture.