Yes, you can get Cannabis shipped to your house

Siesta G Cannabis is rapidly becoming a popular alternative to traditional medications for treating different types of pain, anxiety, depression, and many other illnesses. Although it is legal in many states, buying it can be challenging for some people. They might not live in a state where it is legal or might not have transportation to the nearest Siesta G dispensary. But, luckily, online shopping has opened up new possibilities for many people who can't get to physical stores.

If you are considering buying Cannabis from an online store and you are unsure if it's safe and legal to have it shipped to your house, read on.


When placing an order, you must provide proof that you are over 18 or 21 years, depending on the state laws. Siestag also offers age verification services at check out if you aren't sure about your age; they can help you identify yourself and process your order.

Siesta G ships all packages discreetly and securely, ensuring that they follow all the strict laws governing Cannabis shipment. This means that the package won't be marked with anything to hint that it contains Cannabis. In addition, all orders are shipped through trusted couriers, such as UPS and FedEx, to ensure your safety and privacy.

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