A Guide To Cannabis Terminology For Newbies Siesta-G

A Guide To Cannabis Terminology For Newbies

Learn the Language of Cannabis | The Most Popular & Peculiar Terms 

Cannabis - also called Marijuana, though that name's not without its racist connotations - has been a fixture of pop culture for decades, famed for its medicinal benefits and recreational use. But it's not always easy for newcomers to navigate the weeds of weed vernacular. The litany of nicknames, street names, and slang for marijuana can seem bewildering.
That's why we've compiled a list of the most popular and peculiar monikers for cannabis in this blog post. From "bud" to "weed" to countless other cheeky terms, we'll help beginners decipher the language surrounding this beloved plant.
Nicknames for Marijuana

Marijuana has multiple nicknames that can differ from one region to another. Below are some of the popular nicknames given to cannabis:

  1. Mary Jane: This nickname is derived from the Spanish name Mariana, which is believed to be the name of a weed-loving goddess.
  2. Ganja: The term "ganja" originated in Jamaica, where it is primarily used to refer to cannabis.
  3. Pot: Short for "potent," this nickname is commonly used in America to describe marijuana.
  4. Herb: This nickname refers to the herbal nature of marijuana.
  5. Grass: The term "grass" for marijuana originates from its appearance, which looks like grass.

Street Names for Marijuana

Street names for marijuana can vary depending on the region and can often be misleading. Below are some of the commonly used street names for marijuana:

  1. Dank: This term is often used to describe high-quality marijuana.
  2. Loud: This street name is used to describe marijuana with a strong and pungent smell.
  3. Bud: This term refers to the flower of the cannabis plant, which is found at the top.
  4. Tree: This street name is used to describe the cannabis plant.
  5. Reefer: This term refers to the recreational use of cannabis.

Slang Terms for Marijuana

Slang terms for marijuana can be misleading and difficult to understand. Below are some of the popular slang terms for marijuana:
  1. 420: This term refers to the time of day when people typically consume cannabis; 4:20 pm.
  2. Blunt: A blunt is a cigar hollowed and filled with marijuana.
  3. Joint: This is a marijuana cigarette rolled into paper.
  4. Bhang: Bhang refers to a drink made from cannabis leaves.
  5. Moly: Moly is a short name for Mollijuana, which is a combination of molly and marijuana.

How to Navigate the Cannabis Lexicon

Navigating the complex world of cannabis terminology can be challenging, especially for new users. However, educating yourself on the various nicknames, street names, and slang terms for marijuana can help you communicate more effectively, understand the quality, and make better-informed decisions when purchasing and consuming marijuana. 
Additional Street name for Cannabis, Weed or Marijuana mixes with something. (Drug abuse is a real issue, and although Siestag G acknowledges that Cannabis is an herb, we cannot endorse its use with other drugs. If you find yourself using cannabis in conjunction with other substances, we strongly advise seeking help from your loved ones or a recovery group. Remember, there's no shame in reaching out for help when you need it. Feel free to contact us if you need a list of help centers.)
Marijuana laced with some sort of narcotic:
  1. Amp Joint
  2. Dust
  3. Dusting
Marijuana and heroin:
  1. Atom Bomb
  2. A-Bomb
  3. Canade
  4. Woola
  5. Woolie
  6. Woo-Woo
  7. Brown
Marijuana and PCP:
  1. Ace
  2. Bohd
  3. Chips
  4. Frios
  5. Zoom
Marijuana and LSD:
  1. Beast
  2. LBJ
Marijuana and crack:
  1. Buda
  2. Butter
  3. Crack Back
  4. Fry Daddy
  5. Geek
  6.  Juice Joint
Marijuana and cocaine:
  1. Banano
  2. Basuco
  3. Bush
  4. Chase
  5. Cocktail
  6. Cocoa Puff
  7. Hooter
  8. Jim Jones
  9. Lace
Other terms for smoking Weed:
  1. Blow one’s roof
  2. Blowing smoke
  3. Blow a stick
  4. Boot the gong
  5. Airhead (marijuana user)
  6. Bite one’s lips
  7. Bogart
  8. Hi the Hay
  9. Burn one
  10. Fire it up
  11. Get a gage up
  12. Get the wind
  13. Fly Mexican Airlines
  14. Mow the grass
  15. Tea party
  16. Toke
  17. Torch up
  18. Toking
  19. Poking
  20. Blazing
  21. Blowing
  22. Getting the wind
  23. Going loco
  24. Mowing the grass
  25. Cheeching
  26. Burning one down
Gaining an understanding of the various nicknames, street names, and slang terms for cannabis can greatly assist new users in navigating language barriers. Here, we've provided a list of common marijuana-related names and terms, yet we recognize that this inventory is non-exhaustive. As cannabis permeates more into mainstream culture, we anticipate people will develop more inventive slang phrases and nicknames. Our hope is that this post enables beginners to become better accustomed to the language of marijuana, and influences them to conduct further research prior to consuming it.

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