The Facts: Why Gov. Kelly Should Release Antonio Wyatt Siesta G Dispensary

The Facts: Why Gov. Kelly Should Release Antonio Wyatt

In May 2017, Antonio Wyatt was driving on Interstate-70 from Colorado to his home state of Tennessee when an officer pulled him over for a routine traffic stop. Little did Antonio know that this encounter would change his life forever. The officer claimed to have smelled cannabis in his vehicle, leading to a search that uncovered eight pounds of the plant. Despite the fact that cannabis is now legal in most of the country, Antonio was sentenced to over 11 years in prison for a first-time cannabis-related offense.

Is Antonio Wyatt's Sentence Just?

Antonio's case raises important questions about the fairness and effectiveness of our criminal justice system. How can it be justified to sentence someone to over a decade in prison for a non-violent, first-time offense? Especially when the activity he was convicted for is now legal in many states?

It is worth noting that Antonio had already served six years for his previous offense, which was committed before cannabis was legalized in several states. He has paid a heavy price for his actions, and it is time for him to be given a chance at redemption.

The #FreeAntonioWyatt Advocacy Campaign

The Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing justice to those who have been incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses, has launched the #FreeAntonioWyatt advocacy campaign. The goal of this campaign is to generate public pressure on the Kansas Prisoner Review Board and Governor Laura Kelly to grant Antonio clemency.

We encourage you to join the campaign and use our advocacy toolkit to make your voice heard. By writing, calling, and emailing the relevant authorities, we can show them that Antonio's case is not an isolated incident, but rather a reflection of the flaws in our criminal justice system.

Why Antonio Wyatt Deserves Freedom

Antonio's case is a prime example of the need for criminal justice reform. Here are a few reasons why he deserves to be freed:

  1. Disproportionate Sentence: Sentencing Antonio to over 11 years for a non-violent, first-time cannabis offense is excessive and disproportionate to the crime committed.
  2. Changing Legal Landscape: The legalization of cannabis in many states reflects a shift in public opinion and recognition of its medicinal benefits. Antonio's sentence fails to acknowledge this changing legal landscape.
  3. Redemption and Rehabilitation: Antonio has already served a significant portion of his life behind bars. Granting him clemency would give him the opportunity to rebuild his life and contribute positively to society.

It is time for us to come together and demand justice for Antonio Wyatt. By raising awareness about his case and advocating for his release, we can help bring about meaningful change in our criminal justice system. Join the #FreeAntonioWyatt campaign and let your voice be heard!

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