This is a Dope deal!

Dank is a new way for our "G" Community to save.

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Dank Discount Club


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Recurring Charge Monthly

Photography Disclaimer

As the company evolves and our government laws change, so will our packaging. Our packaging is subject to change based on the order amount, even if not reflected in the photo.

Reoccuring Disclaimer

Monthly Recurring Charges

All monthly recurring charges (MRC) related to provided membership subscription will be charged every 30 days starting today for the month of Tribe Services, which are subject to an MRC, and may be canceled at any time. In the event that Siesta G cancels any service for which an MRC applies, the discontinuation will become effective on the next monthly billing date.

“MRC” means monthly recurring charges, which shall commence upon the Effective Date, according to the rates outlined in the Terms and Services Agreement.

Dank Discount Club Siesta-G
Dank Discount Club Siesta-G
Dank Discount Club Siesta-G
Dank Discount Club Siesta-G
Dank Discount Club Siesta-G
Dank Discount Club Siesta-G
Dank Discount Club Siesta-G
Dank Discount Club Siesta-G

Dank Discount Club Perks

  • Membership Discounts

    Get 10% off all orders and in-store purchases with Dank, no matter how little or much you order. Dank is the only discount that applies to sales items, too, on Siesta G.

  • No medical cannabis card needed to join

    None. We ship directly to you. :)

  • Dank Control

    You are in complete control of this monthly fee, just log in to your account portal.

  • Paid For In One Order

    Dank pays for itself, most of the time in the 1st order.

    *Pro Tip: To save even more, 1st purchase your membership solo.

About Dank

What is Dank?

"Dank Discount Club" is the best monthly hemp box subscription discount club. Get a consistent discount on all your top-shelf Siesta G delta 8, D8, HHC, CBD oil, gummies, capsules, vapes, topical creams, and more. Save with Dank.

How Does Dank Work?

It's easy! Just sign up for a monthly Dank Monthly subscription and start saving! We'll send you a list of all the current discounts available so you can start shopping immediately. As a club member, you'll also have access to our exclusive product, drops, flash sales, and constant 10% off discount.

What Are the Benefits of Joining Dank?

Those are listed above. The biggest is Dank gets you an additional 10% off all items at Siesta G online store, *including sales items. ;)


Dank Discount Club - Will Save You Dollars

"Dank" by Siesta G is the best monthly hemp discount club subscription for anyone who wants to discover new products or consistently save money on all items. With this membership, we off discounts on delta 8, d8, hhc, CBD oil, gummies, capsules, vapes, topical creams, and more—plus premium glass pipes & bongs, dab rigs, rolling papers, rolling trays, snacks, and gear—this hemp discount club has something for everyone. Start your Dank Discount membership today!