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Florida Bill Seeks to Kill Federally Legal Hemp Products & Jobs

This attack on small business owners is a cruel and inhumane attempt to destroy their livelihoods and take away their right to make a living. The proposed Bill from Rep. William Robinson and Sen. Coleen Burton directly attacks the hard-working small business owners trying to make a living in the growing and sustainable hemp industry.


These two Republicans have proposed new rules that would essentially outlaw hemp production in Florida, with stiff penalties for violators. This proposal would end the many jobs created by the booming hemp industry in Florida, which has been a bright spot in an otherwise sluggish economy thanks to Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida. Hemp Small Business owners believe he will stand up to large Cannabis and veto this bill's chance of survival if it gets that far. Hemp production has created thousands of jobs in Florida and provided a lifeline to many small businesses throughout the state and with many thanks to Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida.


The proposed bill would also have devastating consequences for Florida farmers who are already struggling due to current rules, and the new rule would create additional financial hardships for farmers and put an end to the many innovative projects that have been developed in recent years. Another area, for example, hemp food/consumption production, is a rapidly growing industry in Florida, and the proposed rules would effectively eliminate that sector of the economy.


This proposal will have adverse effects on both small business owners and tens of thousands of families across the state of Florida. The proposed bill would cause significant job losses and damage to the economy in an area that has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. Our elected officials must stand up for small business owners and reject this proposed bill before it devastates millions of families nationwide and across the state.


Florida deserves a fair and equitable economy.

The potential passage of HB 11475 & 1676 could devastate small businesses in the hemp industry. The bills would create regulatory challenges that are too demanding for many small business owners to bear and unfair and misunderstood. Furthermore, the impact on Florida’s hemp industry would be immediately far-reaching, potentially wiping out the industry as a whole.


The bills would give the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS) absolute control over all aspects of industrial hemp production, processing, and sale in Florida. The DACS could set fees that businesses must pay for licenses, inspections, and other costs associated with hemp production. The proposals would also impose strict rules on retailers, processors, and producers, more regulation. It is more important than ever that small business owners in Florida have a voice in the process of creating hemp regulations; this is not the way with House Bill 1475 & 1676. It is time for politicians to put people first and support a fair and equitable economy where everyone can thrive. We urge all elected officials to oppose HB 1475 & HB 1676 and stand up for the rights of small business owners in Florida.


While we agree that certain requirements like that all industrial hemp products be tested by an accredited laboratory at the expense of the business owner before they can be sold in Florida. This creates a situation where small business owners must pay for expensive testing that is costly, time-consuming, and not required by other industries. Many businesses don’t have the resources to stay compliant with these regulations.


The ramifications of this proposed legislation are far-reaching and can be felt throughout the entire hemp industry in Florida. If passed, these bills would end decades of innovation and growth in the hemp industry. It is a systemic attack on small business owners that could have devastating consequences and be an enormous setback for the industry. We must reject this proposal and instead focus on ensuring that small business owners have the opportunity to succeed in a fair and equitable economy.


Florida has been at the forefront of the hemp revolution for many years, and these proposed bills could bring it all to an abrupt end. In order to protect the future of our state’s hemp industry, small business owners in Florida must come together to oppose this legislation. Hemp should be treated like any other agricultural crop, not subjected to over-regulation and taxation that will cripple the industry. Small businesses must take action now to protect their livelihoods and ensure that Florida’s hemp industry remains vibrant and thriving.


These proposed bills threaten to snuff out one of Florida's most promising agricultural industries, and we must stand together to oppose them before they become law. Small businesses must fight back against HB 1475 & HB 1676 and demand that Rep. William Robinson and Coleen Burton amended or withdrawn. Our voices must be heard loud and clear to ensure a bright future for the hemp industry in Florida.


It is time to take action NOW and fight for our right to pursue our entrepreneurial dreams and keep the hemp industry alive in Florida!

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